Get the Nytrio product that is the right for you.

Get started with Nytrio, the most powerful and flexible administrator toolbox. Nytrio is available as Community Edition (CE) and Enterprise Edition (EE), with optimized installers for a variety of environments. The Nytrio base platform and relative components provides the following features as a baseline for both CE and EE.

Machine inventory

Keep continuously an eye on your assets using Nytrio's inventory feature. Run and view reports in order to better see the hardware and software configuration of your IT.

Advanced Disk cloning

Do you consistently receive machines in bulk and need them to be operational in the shortest possible time-frame? This is now a reality thanks to Nytrio’s imaging feature. Boot your machines, perform a multicast restore, and each machine will have its operating system installed along with all software according to its own profile.

Remote control

Do you have users either complaining about software issues or needing assistance? Easy! Quickly find the machine associated with that user and help them with their issue using the remote control module. Even a remote shell is an option!

Package deployment

Keep your machines current and secure by updating existing applications or installing new ones. Nytrio can help you to deploy various types of software manually or automatically.

VIP computer backup

With Nytrio, you can schedule backups on servers or desktop computers. A user-friendly interface is provided to make this task simple.

Collaboration friendly

Through its interface focused on collaborative work, Nytrio is intended to be "The social network" of IT Management. You will be able to comment co-workers actions, reference tickets and much more.

React to Alert Signals

Nytrio's dashboard provides real-time indicators to check IT assets conformity. Nytrio allows you to react quickly and efficiently to any alert that may compromize global performance or security. With it's Reporting module, Nytrio can process large time-period data and provides valuable information about IT global configuration.

Powerful and extensible API

Connect easily Nytrio with your existing management tool. A simple and straightforward JSON-API along with easy Python plugin writing will let your acheive that goal very quicly.