Relay service Scheduler component

The scheduler component of Nytrio relay service permit to handle package and script deployment commands, schedule their execution and re-scheduling if actions fail. It manages also to send all operation logs to the main server for further analysis.

All settings mentioned below could be found under components.scheduler branch.

Param Key Description
active Enable / disable scheduler component
cache_timeout Deprecated
cache_timeout Deprecated
proxy_buffer_start_delay Deprecated
max_threads Deprecated
name Deprecated
initial_wait Scheduler loop start delay
max_to_overtimed Deprecated
max_wol_time Max. WOL timeout
non_fatal_steps Non-fatal COH Phase names
netbios_path Deprecated
emitting_period Delay inserted between phase startup
cache_size Deprecated
dbencoding Deprecated
max_command_time Maximum command lifetime (in sec)
mode Deprecated
max_upload_time Maximum file upload phase time (in sec)
announce_check Deprecated
cp Deprecated
awake_time Command check loop frquency (in sec)
repository_mode local/remote