Nytrio relay service configuration

Nytrio relay service main purpose is to handle server to clients hosts and client hosts to server intercations, including remote control actions, imaging deployments and incoming inventory requests.

- Nytrio configuration are written in JSON format. Pay attention to JSON syntax when editing these files.
- By default, only overriden values are mentionned in the configuration file. Therefore, if you want to edit a parameter in a branch that does not exist in the the file, you will need to create it manually.

You can access relay management view and edit relay params from it. You can also, see the tree structure of the configuration file.

In this page, we will refer to configuration params using the following syntax : branch1.branch2.param_name. Where branch1 and branch2 are tree branches and param_name is a param node.

Daemon settings

Param Key Description
daemon.pidfile PID file of the process
daemon.umask Default Umask for the files written by the agent

Agent API

Relay service will need to connect to Nytrio main agent API using root privileges.

Param Key Description
agent_api.uri Agent API URI
agent_api.username Agent API username (default: root)
agent_api.password Agent API user password
agent_api.connection_timeout Agent API connection timeout

Network settings

Param Key Description
network.host Relay API Network listening bind address
network.port Relay API Network listening port
network.session_lifetime Maximum user session lifetime
network.api_username Relay API username
network.api_password Relay API password

Relay API authentication does not rely on providers like Nytrio main agent but uses static username and password defined below.


Nytrio uses python logging module. The logging section control all logging settings. Please refer to https://docs.python.org/2/library/logging.config.html for advanced logging configurations.


This section contains database connection settings.

Param Key Description
database_uri Database connection URI. The syntax is {engine}://{username}:{password}@{host}:{port}/{db_name}[?additional_engine_options]. Please check this link for more details.

Redis server configuration

Param Key Description
redis.host Redis server hostname
redis.port Redis server port
redis.password Redis server password
redis.db Redis server database index

Threading settings

Nytrio agent is by default a multithreaded service. This section will let you set threading setting according to your performance requirements.

Param Key Description
threading.multithreading Enable / disable multithreading
threading.maxthreads Maximum runtime threads

Each API call will be treaten in a different thread.

Main section

Param Key Description
main.relay_id Relay id as declared on the agent-side.

Client config

This branch contain all configuration transmitted to smart agent client-side services. Please refer to Client configuration page for more details.


Configuration for each relay service component. Relay service components are :

  • Inventory: Handles incoming inventory related requests (regular basis inventory / ip updates ... )
  • Scheduler : The scheduler component checks for deployment commands to schedule and transmit the execution orders to the launcher.
  • Launcher : Perform deployment command (remote executions ...)
  • Imaging : Handle TFTP incoming requests and interacts with The Nytrio Diskless environnment Davos.
  • Host actions : Handles direct host commands (that bypass the scheduler) and maintain machine IP cache.

You can find a more detailled documentation for each component in the related page.