Nytrio agent service configuration

Nytrio agent service main purpose is to handle all requests coming from the UI, managing relays (actionners and runners). Nytrio agent service configuration file is generally located in `/etc/nytrio/agent.conf' .

- Nytrio configuration are written in JSON format. Pay attention to JSON syntax when editing these files.
- By default, only overriden values are mentionned in the configuration file. Therefore, if you want to edit a parameter in a branch that does not exist in the the file, you will need to create it manually.

For most configuration parameters, you can access http://nytrio/#/app/config view and edit agent params from it. You can also, see the tree structure of the configuration file.

In this page, we will refer to configuration params using the following syntax : branch1.branch2.param_name. Where branch1 and branch2 are tree branches and param_name is a param node.


Path : .paths

This branch contain all binary and directory paths used by the agent. Here is some examples :

Param Key Description
paths.wrestool Wrestool binary path
paths.static_files_dir Nytrio static files directory path
paths.flvrec_path FLVRec binary path
paths.sendmail Sendmail binary path (you can use any sendmail compatible program)
paths.machine_ping_command Command used by the agent to determine the online status of the machine. You can use shell syntax (pipes ...). %s is the IP address of the machine.
paths.ssh_keys_file Server root authorized keys file. Only applicable if the server has an OpenSSH server installed.
paths.backuppc_bin BackupPC binary file
paths.locale_directory Localization files path
paths.vncsnapshot_path VNCSnapshot binary path
paths.vncpasswd_path VNCPasswd path
paths.restart_agent_cmd Command used to restart the agent from itself

Daemon settings

Param Key Description
daemon.user The agent will impersonnate this user when running
daemon.group Group of the nytrio-agent process
daemon.pidfile PID file of the process
daemon.umask Default Umask for the files written by the agent

Network settings

Param Key Description
network.host API Network listening bind address
network.port API Network listening port
network.session_lifetime Maximum user session lifetime


Nytrio uses python logging module. The logging section control all logging settings. Please refer to https://docs.python.org/2/library/logging.config.html for advanced logging configurations.

Frontend settings

The section frontend_settings controls default UI settings appliable to all users.

Param Key Description
.cmd_viewer_high_refresh_rate Deployment Commands table high frequency refresh rate in ms
.cmd_viewer_low_refresh_rate Deployment Commands table low frequency refresh rate in ms
.notification_refresh_rate Notification requests refresh rate in ms
.coh_phases_refresh_rate Deployment phases refresh rate in ms
.show_computer_adv_filter_for By default set to []. If set, the advanced filter of the computer view will be only visible to this entity ids list. Example value : [ 2, 3, 7 ]
.computer_list_icon Possible values : os or online_status. By default, the computer OS will be shows as computer icon. If set to online_status, the icon will be replaced by a LED that indicate if the machine is online or not. The paths.machine_ping_command will then be used to check machine online status.
.default_language Default user UI language
.hide_glpi_link Hide "View in GLPI" button in computer inventory view.
.event_refresh_rate Event view refresh rate in ms
.allow_convergence Allow or not convergence mode for package deployments.


This section contains database connection settings and agent ORM mapping configurations.

Param Key Description
database.uri Database connection URI. The syntax is {engine}://{username}:{password}@{host}:{port}/{db_name}[?additional_engine_options]. Please check this link for more details.
database.global_class_filters Describe ORM Mapper global filters. See Database Global Filters page for more details.

Authentication providers

The auth.providersparam permit to configure the authentication providers mapping. It's a list of all possible authentication methods.

Provider configuration object syntax :

    "label": "Provider title",
    "class_": "provider_class",
    "params": {
Param Key Description
label Provider title, used to identify associated authentication attemps in the main log.
class_ Authentication provider class. Examples : ldap, active_directory, pam, glpi
params Provider class specific parameters.

This example shows how to set an Active Directory authentication provider :

    "label": "Nytrio test AD",
    "class_": "active_directory",
    "params": {
        "domain": "nytrio.local",
        "base": "dc=nytrio,dc=local",
        "server": "adserver.nytrio.local",
        "profile_matching": {
            "Nytrio Admins": 4

The profile_matchingparam will allow you to associate an Active Directory User group to a Nytrio user profile to inherit access rights.

When configuring more than one authentication provider, the authentication process will check each provider in the order specified in the configuration. The authentication will fail if all providers fail.

Redis server configuration

Param Key Description
redis.host Redis server hostname
redis.port Redis server port
redis.password Redis server password
redis.db Redis server database index

Threading settings

Nytrio agent is by default a multithreaded service. This section will let you set threading setting according to your performance requirements.

Param Key Description
threading.multithreading Enable / disable multithreading
threading.maxthreads Maximum runtime threads

Each API call will be treaten in a different thread.

Inventory settings

Param Key Description
inventory.default_location_id The organizational rules will resolve the destination computer location. If no rule is applied, this location will be set as default.
inventory.glpi.version Specifies the Nytrio GLPI driver version to be used to communicate with GLPI database. You can find available driver versions in {PYTHON_PATH}/nytrio_agent/base/inventory/glpi_schema_{VER}.py
inventory.glpi.apply_entity_restrictions Indicate if GLPI user entity restrictions will be applied

Plugins configuration

The plugins branch contain all Nytrio agent plugins configuration.