Dashboard plugin configuration

Dashboard plugin generate data to feed frontend dashboard view.

All parameters referenced below are under plugins.dashboard branch in the main agent configuration tree.

General settings

Param Key Description
active Enable / disable Nytrio Dashboard Plugin
default_user_widgets User default widgets (see details below)

Default user widgets

The paramater plugins.dashboard.default_user_widgets controls the default shown dashboard widget for all users (if the user doesn't override it). It is a list of lines and each line is a list of objects describing the widget.

The widget object is composed of :

  • class : Dashboard widget class
  • params : Dashboard widget params (may contain special filters for example)

The following example is composed of two line of two columns each.

            "params": {},
            "class": "latest_events"
        }, {
            "params": {},
            "class": "key_figures"
            "align": "top",
            "params": {},
            "class": "server_consts"
        }, {
            "align": "middle",
            "params": {},
            "class": "common_rates"