Client agents server configuration

This page describes the client agents server-side configuration. It is a subpart of Nytrio relay service configuration that will be found under client_config section.


Inventory related settings

Param Key Description Enable / disable client inventory send
Inventory.inventory_interval Inventory frequency in seconds (time between 2 inventories)
Inventory.inventory_on_startup Enable / disable machine inventory on startup
Inventory.sa_start_delay Delay in seconds before the SmartAgent send its startup signal. This startup signal is used to push pending deployment commands for example.


The IPProber smart agent component checks each minute for network configuration changes. If computer IP configuration changes, it will update the server-side Machine IP cache.

Param Key Description Enable / disable IP Prober


Nytrio SmartAgent has an embedded webserver that provide various information about the client current state.

Param Key Description Enable / disable SmartAgent webserver
Webserver.port Webserver listening port

Custom commands

Param Key Description
startup_commands List of commands to be executed at every Smart Agent startup. Useful to perform environnment checking.
looping_commands List of commands to be executed at a custom defined frequency.

looping_commandsexample :

    "interval": 120,
    "command": "my_command"
    "interval": 60,
    "command": "my_super_command"

In the example above, my_command will be executed every 2 minutes while my_super_commandwill be executed every minute.

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