Adding new machines

There are many ways to add a machine to Nytrio's inventory. The most common ways are :
- Thru the Client agent
- Using the PXE Client
- Manually

Adding a machine using client agents

The client agent main features are :
- Perform machine inventory on a regular basis
- Permit Machine remote control (package deployment, remote shells, ...)
- Permit Graphical Remote control
- Integrate additionnal plugins for customized behavior

Therefore, the standard agent pack contains the following components :
- An OpenSSH server
- A Smart Agent Service
- TightVNC server
- FusionInventory / OCS Inventory agent

Downloading agents

Client agents are available for the following platforms :
- Windows XP/Vista/7/8/10
- Linux (DEB and RPM distributions)
- MacOS X

You can find the latest agent version using this link.

Installing agents

  • Windows Platforms : Download and install the agent pack installer. When asked for the relay address, you can use http://public_addr/relay-agent.
  • Linux Debian based distros: Download and install the package using dpkg -i nytrio-agents_{VER}_all.deb. When asked for the relay address, you can use http://public_addr/relay-agent. You can find latest agents under
  • Linux RPM distros : Download and install the package using yum install nytrio-agents_{VER}.rpm. When asked for the relay address, you can use http://public_addr/relay-agent. You may need to add EPEL repositories to fetch all dependecies.
  • MacOS X : Download and decompress the installation bundle nytrio_agents_{ver}.tar.gz. Then, run NytrioAgentsInstaller.pkg to perform installation. You may need to allow unknown origins in the system security settings.

Adding machines using PXE client

When an unknown machine boots on the Nytrio PXE client, its inventory will be automatically done by the PXE agent. However, the inventory will contain basic hardware information only since the PXE client have no access to operating system resources. Also, remote control features will not be possible until you install client agents.

You can then rename the machine thru the front, and perform a Disk imaging procedure.

Adding a machine manually

Adding machines manually is not recommended. But if your machine is behind a network where direct HTTP inventories are not possible, you can do it by using the Add button of the computers view.

Please make sure that all fields are correct before posting the add request. You need to install Nytrio agents anyway to get all Nytrio remote control feature properly operating.

To find machine board UUID, you can use the commands below :
- WIndows : wmic path win32_computersystemproduct get uuid
- Linux : sudo dmidecode -s system-uuid
- MacOS X : system_profiler SPHardwareDataType | awk '/UUID/ { print $3; }'

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