What is Nytrio

Nytrio is a powerful and flexible IT Administration Toolbox.


Nytrio is a heterogeneous and multi-site IT assets management solution. Nytrio offers many features thru its user-friendly interface that help you manage your IT infrastructure in a simple and efficient way.

With Nytrio, you can have a global inventory of your IT infrastructure including Desktop clients and server machines and their attached components. Agents on the client-side collect local machine general or made-to-measure data and send it to Nytrio server to have an up-to-date infrastructure picture and help you generate reports.

In addition to that, Nytrio includes satellite modules for driving machines remotely, such as Remote Control, Script and application deployments ... Check product features for more information.

What does "heterogeneous" means ?

Nytrio can handle various operating systems in a transparent way.

What does "multi-site" means ?

Using master-slave configurations, you can optimize your infrastructure deployments and increase scalability.