The most powerful, flexible, scalable, intuitive administrator Toolbox.

Quick Look

Nytrio is a strong and feature-rich IT Assets administration tool. Nytrio will certainly help you to :

Optimize machine lifecycle

Deploy and keep your infrastructure up-to-date in a minimum time.

Increase productivity

By providing quick and efficient user assistance using a unique and centralized interface.

Ensure IT infrastructure security

Keep your eyes on system security by identifying sources of risk and act as soon as needed.

Cut your IT budget

Avoid wasting time on repetitive actions. Time is money !

How does it works ?

  • 1

    Deploy Nytrio Server

    You can install Nytrio server on most common Nytrio distributions or using a Docker container.
  • 2

    Attach client machines

    Add new machines to your Nytrio installation using client agents. Agents are available for Windows, Linux and MacOS X platforms.
  • 3

    Have fun !

    You can now drive attached machines thru Nytrio.

They trust us, Why not you ?